Lake Shore Resort POA Inc.   Payment Page
Lake Shore Resort
Property Owners
Association Inc.
Phone: (765)647-6887
Lake Shore Resort   15105 Lakeshore Blvd  Brookville, IN 47012
You can now pay your Lake Shore Resort yearly dues by PayPay or by your  
credit card.  We have added a PayPal shopping cart to process your payment.

When you click on the button below labeled "Add to Cart" this will add
payment for 1 lot into your cart and present you with a total of $208.00, This
consists of $200 lot dues for 1 lot and 4% convenience fee to process this
payment.  If you have more than 1 lot just increment the quantity in your
shopping cart to match the number of Lots you are paying for.

Examples: 2 lots= 416.00, 3 lots= 624.00, 4 lots= 832.00 and so on.

After adjusting the quantity you will now select the method of payment.  If
you have a PayPal account and wish to pay by PayPal select the yellow
Yellow button labeled "PayPal Checkout".  This will have you log into your
PayPal account to finish the payment process.  If you do not have a PayPal
account you will select "Check Out" Pay without a PayPal account.  This will
take you to a payment page to enter your credit card information to finish the
payment process.   

Click on this button to enter your Lot(s)