Lake Shore Resort Info

The purpose for this Lake Shore Resort Info Sheet is a communication tool from
the management of Lake Shore Resort to provide information to our current
property owners, any future property owners and guest that may visit our resort.

Fireworks are NOT allowed to be discharged anywhere in Lake Shore  No exceptions. $500 fine will be issued
to violators.  
                 SPEED LIMIT & FIREARMS
Please remember the 15 mph speed limit.  There have been several people traveling at a higher rate of
speed.  This will get you a fine.  Owners remind all of your guest that 15mph is the speed limit for all vehicles.
No ATV'S allowed in Lake Shore Resort.  All scooters must have a license plate on them or they cannot be
used on our roads!  NO firearms are to be discharged within Lake Shore Resort.  No BB or pellet Guns in
areas around people.  Please be safe and responsible

The dumpsters are for household trash only!  Please place all trash in trash bags or paper bags. If any
person places any items other than normal household trash in the dumpsters, or trash not in a trash bag,
this will be considered illegal dumping and a fine will be given to the owner that is responsible for the
person dumping this illegal trash.  
Examples of fines that you may be assessed but not limited to the following:
$100 - items not in trash bag, or items not considered normal household trash (lamps, wood, fans, small
appliances, car tires, tree clippings are not normal household trash)
$200 - for any furniture items such as refrigerators, freezers, TV's, microwaves, mattresses, couches,  
chairs.  $500-$2,500 for building materials or any hazardous materials.

The information for the
Brookville waste transfer station is:
Franklin County Transfer Station/Recycling Center
Located 3 miles west of the Pizza King on Highway 52
Brookville, IN 47012
Phone #:(765) 647-6710
call for Hours
Hours: Monday-Saturday

This is where you need to take your
large trash items and building materials.  The cost will be a lot less than
the LSR fines  

                                            SECURITY NOTICE
For safety of our owners, their family members,  guests of our owners, and for the protection of the POA'S
assets, there are various areas within Lake Shore Resort that are monitored by video
Buyers Beware!!!!  Do your homework.  Make sure you get an account balance on any lot that you are
interested in purchasing!!  Owners may tell you they are all paid up, but play it safe and get a written balance
on the account from a finance committee member before you buy or you may owe hundreds as soon as you
are assigned rights to that property by deed or contract.  All contracts and deeds must be filed in the Franklin
County Recorder's office for you to be considered as the owner. We must have a copy for our file

If you have property for sale at Lake Shore Resort please get with Susie Tabor in the office to add it to the For
Sale list or drop a note in the office drop box.  It is easier for the new buyer to see all of the properties for sale
on one list.  Also if you sell, tell us so we can take your property off the list.

If you turn on Kingfisher and turn past the gray house on the left across from Cedar, you will see the brush
pile.  Remember only grass, tree limbs, leaves, and brush is to be placed on the brush pile.  Anyone that
places anything other than what is listed into the brush pile will be fined $100.