Upcoming Events:

  • Next Board Meeting is November 11th at 10:00am location TBD.

  • Election for Three Board of Director Seats are held the 3 new board
    members are Cindy Hogwood, Paul Rose and Bill McLaughlin.

  • Office hours for Lake Shore Resort are Monday and  Thursday (am to
    4pm.  Friday and Saturday 9am to 5pm.

Lake Shore Resort
Property Owners
Association Inc.
Phone: (765)647-6887
Lake Shore Resort   15105 Lakeshore Blvd  Brookville, IN 47012
This organization was established to operate with volunteers (true volunteers).  This is
how cost have been kept to a minimum, including annual dues.  We need to look into
volunteering.  This can be once a season, month, week, or it can be by project.  It can
include entertainment, monthly events, construction, cleaning, and many more.
PLEASE HELP!!!  Just ask.
See Bobbie Roberts on Canary
New Covenants and Bylaws approved Click on Lake Shore
Resort Important Forms to View  Or go to the Forms Page.